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Katy Perry is stirring up some controversy over what's being called a "geisha-inspired" performance at the American Music Awards Sunday night. 

The star opened the show performing "Unconditionally" and transformed the stage in an ancient Orient theme.  She was dressed in a long-sleeved pastel-colored robe with a white face and red lips, matching her dozens of background dancers who used traditional umbrellas as props. 

Twitter lit up with comments from viewers, some of whom called the performance "horribly, obviously racist" and "mind-numbingly ignorant."  

Bloggers on sites like "Vulture" and "Cosmopolitan" also called out the pop star on her performance.  The women's magazine noted that Katy seemed "confused," as her robe copied the Japanese kimono look while others aspects of the performance like the cherry blossoms and fan dance are traditionally Chinese. 

Katy has yet to address the criticism.  Before the show however, she tweeted that she would be taking fans "on a trip." 

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