The "About" section on up-and-coming band The Wild Feathers' Facebook page reads: "They're like if Led Zeppelin & The Band had a baby in Joshua Tree that grew up listening to Ryan Adams covering the Stones 70's country influenced songs." That might seem like a pretty confusing cocktail for the ears, but it's actually pretty telling. The band hails from Nashville, Tennessee, but don't think that means they are pure country. Sure, there's some of that, but there's also rock, and blues, and Americana. 

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Taylor Burns, Joel King, Ricky Young, Preston Wimberly and Ben Jarvis make up the band, and when they were in at the iHeartRadio Headquarters in NYC recently, we got to know them by having them explain themselves to us in their own words. Check out what they came up with below.

The Wild Feathers' debut album is due out August 13th, but we've got a little taste of what's to come. Check out four tracks from the album below.

Listen to "The Ceiling"

Listen to "Hard Wind"

Listen to "Got It Wrong"

Listen to "Left My Woman"

Photos by Shelby Case