UPDATE: The Nasdaq is back in action.  The index was shut down for more than two hours today.  Officials say the closure was the result of a computer glitch.  The market didn't cancel any orders, but did leave it up to customers as to whether they wanted to take business elsewhere.  Another glitch in the system led to a ten-million-dollar fine for fumbling the Facebook initial public offering last year.  The Nasdaq is showing no big swings in trading. 

Original Story:

(New York, NY)  --  The Nasdaq is currently shut down in late day trading on Wall Street.  The problem is blamed on a computer glitch.  The market has been closed for nearly 90 minutes.  Nasdaq isn't canceling orders currently in play, but says customers are free to do so.  The market recently paid out ten-million-dollars for a glitch in its systems which fumbled the Facebook initial public offering.