A Washington Post poll showed that a majority of fans in that area understand the Washington Redskins nickname is inappropriate ... and they want the team to keep the name anyway.

This is why the issue is so divisive and intense. The history and tradition associated with the Redskins nickname has caused fans who won't even argue about it being offensive to dig in. Heck, it might be the only issue that Redskins fans support owner Daniel Snyder on, as local and national politicians have tried to get the team to change the nickname.

In the Post's poll about the Redskins name, 56 percent said they felt the word "Redskin" is an inappropriate term for Native Americans. Only 28 percent, half as many, consider the term acceptable. And yet, among Redskins fans polled, the Post said more than eight in 10 said the team should keep its name. Of all Washington-area adults, including those who didn't identify as fans of the team, 61 percent said they like the name and two-thirds said the team shouldn't change it.

And there's this: among "avid sports fans who have strongly favorable impressions of the Redskins," 15 percent said they would be less of a fan of the team if it changed its name. That certainly seems extreme, but it should give you a good idea the feelings on the issue.

The debate over "Redskins" isn't going away, but just don't expect the team or its fans to give up the nickname without a heck of a fight.

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