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Miley Cyrus is taking her interest in marijuana from social media to national television. The singer stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Tuesday night and spoke about why she and well known pot-enthusiast Snoop Dogg have become such good friends.

Miley said that the rapper has taken an interest in her career and often stops by the studio to hear her new album. The album is due out later this year, and is led by her latest single "We Can't Stop."

She also answered Jimmy's questions about the song's edgy new video, which was inspired by real-life parties that she's hosted. Miley said that the video also includes some symbolic imagery that have hidden messages to her fans about encouraging them to be themselves. 



Later, Miley performed "We Can't Stop" for the first time live on the program. Her performance recreated the party scenes from the video and started with her on a couch on the lap of one of her male dancers. The singer is expected to sing again on "Good Morning America" on Wednesday.

Watch Miley perform "We Can't Stop" for the first time on television:

Check out Miley's new video: