A blaze last night in a Hadley strip mall has left one firefighter injured. The fire damaged or destroyed at least eight of the units in the building, which includes a mix of businesses and apartments. Residents were evacuated.

A funeral Mass will be held this morning at a church in Andover for Colleen Ritzer, the teacher allegedly killed by one of her 14-year-old students. Police believe she was killed in a bathroom at Danvers High School and her body then dumped in a nearby wood. Philip Chism is charged in the death.

Former state drug lab chemist Annie Dookhan returns to court this week on evidence tampering and other charges. A judge has already said that she would not order a sentence of longer than 3-to-5 years if Dookhan pleads guilty in the case, even though prosecutors are pressing for 7 years.

A court appearance is expected today for a convicted sex offender arrested late last week in Plymouth. Authorities say Michael Cunningham had been on the run since an arrest warrant issued over the kidnapping and attack of an ex-girlfriend in 2011.

Massachusetts and six other states will be part of a pilot program to train teachers. The effort will work over two years with educators, training programs and school districts to improve teacher preparation. @

It doesn’t happen as often as it used to, but it happened twice this weekend. Attacks on pizza delivery drivers. A pizza delivery man, who was delivering a deposit bag to a State Street Bank was robbed a gunpoint. The man was stopped at a red light when a manabout six feet tall, wearing a gray hoodie walked up to the man in the car and pointed a gun at him and robbed him. No other information available. And, on Quincy Street a driver was pistol whipped and his car stolen as he delivered a pizza. Few details on that case. @

Sunderland Police say they have made no arrests in connection with more than two dozen cars vandalized at the Squire Village Apartments. Residents say they don’t know what happened but it does happen from time to time.

In Palmer, selectmen and the school board are closing schools on November 5th which is election day. Officials say that there will be tons of people voting because of the casino issue and there would be too many people coming in and out of schools in order to insure their safety.