The Massachusetts House has approved an overhaul of the state's domestic violence laws, including new bail guidelines and tougher penalties for abusers.


The measure called the most comprehensive domestic violence legislation in a generation by House Speaker Robert DeLeo was approved 142-0 on Tuesday and now goes to the Senate.


Among the many provisions in the bill is one that would require domestic assault suspects to be held for at least six hours after an arrest to allow time for a safety plan to be developed for the accuser.


The measure also seeks to provide judges and prosecutors with the most complete information available about a defendant, including any prior domestic violence charges or restraining orders.

The bill would also allow women to buy pepper spray without an F-I-D card.  That would bring the state in lockstep with the rest of the states in the nation.


The bill has drawn objections from criminal defense attorneys who argue that some provisions are overly broad.