Interesting case out of Worcester where the police chief is considering what to do with a police officer who stripped out of his police uniform down to his underwear in order to audition for a Boston reality show which turns out was never made. The Worcester Telegram reports that the chief has not suspended officer Joseph McGuinnes but hasn’t decided whether any department rules were broken.

The Springfield City Council could vote a big raise for the mayor. But, it is unclear whether they will include raises for themselves. The council is set to move tonight on the matter. Under the latest proposal, the mayor would get a raise from his 95 thousand dollar salary to 135 thousand dollars a year beginning the first of the year. But, while there is some support about that - it is unclear what they are going to do with a measure which would boost its salary.@

The Springfield City Council is expected to once again try to deal with a pawn shop ordinance which would require owners to register a pawned item in a national data bank to determine whether it was stolen or not. Police Chief Bill Fitchit says it is needed as a reasonable police tool. Pawn Shop owners say it is nothing more than profiling. The city council has been dealing with the issue for months and tonight they may actually come to a final vote on it.@

It’s been a pretty busy couple of years for Monson Town Manager Gretchen Neggers. Neggers says she is retiring now at the end of November.@

Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell says that he is sorry for having a loaded legal gun on a flight from Seattle to Boston last week. Russell was cited for his actions…the gun confiscated but allowed to board the plane.@

No arrests in connection with a Forest Park neighborhood stabbing this weekend. Police say a 42 year old man was apparently attacked by several men and stabbed in the upper arm. Happened near the McDonald’s on Allen Street.@

Southwick has a new animal control center. The grand opening was this weekend. Much of the money was privately donated. It’s a 25 hundred square foot facility.

We are looking for a loose moose in Holyoke of all places. It was last spotted Saturday morning around Westfield Road. Environmental Police tell us they fired a warning shot above the head of the animal and it hasn’t been seen since.