Good Morning.

Just a small thought or two.  You are entitled to your opinion on anything you want it to be.  You are not entitled to your own set of facts or requirements on me so that you can form your opinion.  I can’t tell you how many people talked to me about the line in the story about the gun legislation Bob Deleo, the House Speaker was coming out with that ended, “The Governor hasn’t commented.  He is in Israel on a trade mission.”    That is absolutely correct.  Their contention is that it is a poke of the Governor.   I can’t decide that issue.  But,   what I do know is that “self imposed hardship is not a hardship.”  The Governor is on a trade mission.  We would ordinarily ask him or the LT Governor.  Well I can’t do any about that.  The state does not have an LG.  He resigned to take a job in Worcester.  So my hands are a bit tied on that.

I was a bit remiss….actually a lot remiss for not acknowledging a couple of people.  Ruth Loveless—an amazing woman, with a wealth of information, multitude of compassion and an incredible amount of energy celebrated her birthday Tuesday.  She is 100 years old.  She has more energy than I do.  Happy Birthday Miss Ruth.  You are the best.


And Alfred Zanetti died this week at the age of 92.  The Zanetti School is named for him.  There was a man with an incredible amount of information.  Born in the South End, he went to AIC and was an educator on all levels  for more than a half a century.  He was a guy who if you asked a question, always knew what the question was at the end of the answer.  I would have loved to have asked him about Common Core.  Our loss.  The last time I saw him was a couple of years ago.  He had an event about Fire Detectors.  He for more than an hour talked about the good old days of Springfield…education and life in general.  He was pretty amazing.  He will be missed.  Funeral tomorrow at Mount Carmel btw.


Hey that’s it.  I’m so late it ain’t funny.  But we will figure it all out.