The State of Massachusetts Registered Medical Marijuana Dispensary Selection Committee has approved 20 new Medical Marijuana Dispensary licenses.  Debilatating Medical Condition Treatment Centers in Holyoke and New England Treatment Access in Northampton received two of those licenses.

In the announcement dated January 31, 2014 it was stated "The selection of dispensaries was based on the quality of the applications. This was an objective, merit-based process guided by state procurement principles. The selection committee was supported by contracted, independent experts in subject matter (ICF International) and in background investigations (Creative Services, Inc. "CSI"). An expert review by ICF International scored the applications in areas including public health, securityand strength of business plan. The expert review determined the score for each applicant, based on a scale of 0 to 163 possible points. Scores of qualifying applicants were all 137 or higher. The score was not the only factor in making the final recommendations. The Department’s Selection Committee considered the scores, along with geographic diversity, local support, and a strong focus on the ability to meet patient needs, while ensuring public safety. The Management Team, Board of Directors and investors of dispensaries were also subject to extensive civil and criminal background checks by CSI. Based on this process some applicants were not selected at this time. Page two (2) lists qualified applicants who were not granted their original proposed location, but will be invited to amend their application and seek a change of location to one of the counties that lacks a dispensary."

For a complete list of approved dispensaries click on this link: