Democratic leaders in the Massachusetts House say they're moving forward with legislation designed to raise the minimum wage and overhaul the state's unemployment insurance system.


Those efforts hit a snag last week after a dispute between House and Senate leaders on legislative process.


House Labor Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Conroy said Tuesday that the House is preparing a new bill that combines Democratic leadership proposals on the two issues with a separate bill designed to ensure that nannies and other domestic employees have the same legal protections and overtime rights as other workers.


Conroy said the combined bill could be debated by the House as soon as next week.


The Senate has already passed separate minimum wage and unemployment insurance bills and sent both to the House. 

While lawmakers are moving forward on some issues...others are stalled.  State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz says her Education Committee will not be able to get a bill done that deals with the expansion of charter schools because they ran out of time.