Good Morning.

Hope It was a good weekend. Kinda lazy weekend but we get ready for action this week. A few things on my plate entertain me this morning.

Lots have asked what the State Supreme Court will do with the Casino Gambling issue. Some voters have challenged the Attorney General’s decision not to let it go to ballot. Now, I used to be able to read the State version of The Supremes pretty well. But, I can’t now. Too many new faces. But, let’s all think back to the issue of dog racing in this state. The high court allowed it to go to ballot so the guess is for the sake of consistency they would do the same here. And, if they do what chaos that would create.

I was somewhat amused by the comments of David Narkewicz in Northampton. He is the mayor there. He was talking about the gay rights march and how it was 33 years ago that the first one happened and the Mayor was talking about how "some people were scared to march". Having been there and covering the first two, I can tell you it wasn’t just the marchers. A whole city didn’t know what was going to happen. But through it all then Mayor David Musante, who really kinda got through all the red tape and the Chief Danny Labato made it happen from a public safety perspective. It is actually a pretty fun daylong event now. It was a fifteen minute event in the first two years.

Other than that, it does not appear that Boston and Montreal will fire any bullets at each other because of some fans racist comments after game one. You know the story. PK Subban said all the right things. My suggestion to those alleged Bruin fans is that you hope you don’t have a bunch of goaltending issues because your top goaltending prospect is the brother of PK and he is in Providence. Just saying.

Last week we told you about the Gallup Poll which said that half the people in Connecticut wanted to be almost anywhere than in that state. And, the people in Massachusetts laughed. Oh well. The Massachusetts version of the poll is out and it says that 41 per cent of this state’s people would rather be almost anywhere than where they are. Yo Beacon Bill!! Now what!

So we are on the SJC Watch today. No decisions from the high court on the casino deal. But it could be interesting. Don’t bet on what The Supremes may do. See you in a bit.