Historic sites like the John F. Kennedy Museum closed their doors and children at one Head Start program were facing the loss of meals as Massachusetts began grappling with the fallout of a partial government shutdown.

Gov. Deval Patrick said Tuesday the state will do what it can to help, but added that there's no way it can make up for a failure of the federal government to remain open.  One British tourist told reporters that the American politicians are the same as the British ones....all for themselves. 

In Springfield, the Armory is closed.  But James Woolsey, who runs the facility says although the facility is closed, there will be security in the building to keep it safe.

The shutdown forced the closure of the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center in Natick and could cause delays in providing heating assistance for low-income residents.

It could also threaten Saturday's football game between Boston College and Army.

The most immediate effect was the closing of many historic sites _ including portions of Faneuil Hall _ which draw visitors to Massachusetts from around the world.