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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck tonight acknowledged signing correspondence related to the department's $6,000 purchase of a horse from his daughter, reversing his previous comments.  

“Yesterday, I stated that the paperwork for the donation of a horse  originally owned by my daughter, LAPD Officer Brandi Scimone, and purchased with private funds 'Steered completely around me,”' Beck said in a statement released by the department.  

“Since that time, I reviewed the file and realized that I had signed the LA Police Foundation's grant request after the donation had been evaluated and approved by the Office of Special Operations and had also signed the  intradepartmental correspondence to the Board of Police Commissioners to approve of the donation. Therefore, I now realize that my comments were mistaken.  

“After evaluating the circumstances of this donation, in retrospect, I should have ensured that the department had formally transmitted to the commission the additional documentation on file which identified the original owner of the horse. I will continue to work with the commission to increase the department's transparency.”