Happy Friday to you.  Since it is Friday I need to get everything off my desk which I meant to get to earlier in the week but never did.  Hey it happens.  But first, the leads this morning are once again all over the place.  In Worcester – the lead is about a guy who went to answer his door at 10 last night and was shot by three masked men.  In Springfield, good luck trying to figure out what I am going to lead with at any one time.  At 5 it’s about another case of animal abuse when a girlfriend and a boyfriend have a fight.  The dog is going to be ok.  On the FMs UMass tuition hikes maybe…and the possibility of tax reform.  Yea right.

OK—I don’t answer the phone much unless someone says it’s critical that I take a call.  I do listen to the messages though.  I will be brief and direct.  To the alleged college journalism student who suggested that somehow I was defective in my thinking that “the cow story” out of NY was somehow relative to a local newscast I can only suggest that the student listen more carefully to the part of the class that deals with philosophy rather than wasting tuition money.

I did not mean to offend anyone with my “fake mayo”.  Really I didn’t.  I’m getting ready for another college football season.  Calories count.

For those wondering about the music in the newsroom that I had up <maybe> a little louder than I should have … I did not mean to offend the guys on the morning show…hehhe…. I will post the cut on my FB page.  It’s The Town I Loved So Well.  It depends upon my mood what gets played.  Sometimes nothing does.

Bo is off today btw.  Looking at some of the pictures of Dennis House’s 50th birthday celebration last night.  Wish I couldn’t have gotten there.  But it was party or sleep.  And, sleep one.  Dennis one of the good guys. 

Not to be outdone is the battle between the local weather people and the national people.    It is comical.  National people say look out for a foot of snow on Monday.  Nick Morganelli has been talking about 4 anyway and we will see where it goes after that.  It is still a tad early to start begging for numbers.  But that won’t stop me from asking anyway.

One last thing – when I see the governor next I promise I won’t ask him about being fitted for judicial robes or if he is running for president.  I do want to know why UMass somehow can’t balance it’s budget.  They say they are 17 million short and are making no promises about frozen tuitions.  Just asking.  And, I will leave it at that.  See ya in a bit.