I did a speaking engagement the other day where I took some questions and there was one question I was not really prepared for.

"What is that congress does?

In my sincerest voice I rather flipantly said "I haven't the tiniest idea".

So I was thinking --

We basically employ congress to take care of the planning and dealing with problems. But it appears that dealing with problems is not what they do best.

For years we have known about the immigration crisis - yet it wasn’t popular to deal with so they did nothing. How did that one turn out by the way?

The economy - various members of congress have turned somersaults talking about how bad the economy was and that something needed to be done- but they let what happen- happened. How’s the economy going for you?

The budget they pass every year-well they actually don’t do that very often. They love their continuing resolutions. Do they actually know how to follow a budget?

They have solved the transportation issue in this country. We know that because Memorial Avenue in West Springfield is so pristine. (for those who avoid the state - that was sarcasim).

And, of course the heroin epidemic continues. How long have we known that drugs was going to be a problem? How long did we know that poverty was going to be a problem yet we still have no answers. And since we have no answers, we have bigger problems that will lead to more words, fewer real solutions and even more despair.

Isn’t it time for someone down in DC to come up with even a bad idea….a good strong bad idea gets the ball rolling on change doesn’t it?