Good Morning.  Just thoughts….

It’s very powerful and cleansing to know exactly what the engineer is going to be doing this morning.  I’m just saying.

Dylan Pettit, the Longmeadow guy on “The Bachelorette” was eliminated from the competition.  There are people in this building that actually believe that is a huge story.  Thankfully, I do not.  But thanks to ABC Entertainment for use of the picture.

Not really surprised by the US Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby Abortion story.  Let’s face it, this is a story that is never going to actually be solved by a court decision.  It is always going to be a 5-4 vote.  What is irritating to me is that the reaction outside of the high court looks like postgame at a sporting event.  It’s the High Court.  Let’s show some respect to the issue and the court.

Careful in Chicopee – police sounding the alarm that with the good weather comes more word of break ins.  Just be alert. 

I am rather bewildered about the Massachusetts and Connecticut Congressional delegations.  No one has said a word about Justina’s Law which Michelle Bachman filed.  This is a bill that would prevent a state, who has “a ward of the state” to use that person for medical research.  It is one of the back stories that is coming out of the case. 

Has anyone noticed by the way that no one out there pays any attention to pedestrian laws?  They appear apparently out of nowhere.  It’s like they dare you to hit them now days.  It used to be downtown Northampton where it was a problem.  But good luck in Springfield these days too.

And yes for the person in back of me at a certain store this morning…I did look lovingly at the Oreo Donut.  But, just as I am stronger than bread, I am stronger than that donut, but it was a close call this morning.

Anyway, that’s it.  We move on.