Good Morning.

I am entertained by the two new reports that are out one suggesting that men are happier in their marriages when their wives are making either about the same or more than they are.  There is another report out this morning that also says that hurricanes that are named after women are more dangerous than those named after men.  Now although it is scary to consider that someone actually studied that, probably as part of a government think tank funded by the congress—they did not need to go into a lot of study.  First, the report is flawed.  All men know that life in the house is not geared toward how much is made but what is done.  For example, life in any American house is more peaceful when the man puts the toilet seat down.  Further if the man does the lawn when he is told then that’s like hitting the lottery.  As for hurricanes –well aren’t they all pretty bad?

See ya in a bit.