Good Morning. How are you today? I hope you are doing well. If you are among the many who are sick—fluids and get better soon. It is amazing the number of people that I know who are sick from the flu or whatever. Hang in there. This too will pass.

The Rundown looks like this: On Worcester Radio---both AM and FM I will detail the Julie Corey Trial and the Governors update, which frankly wasn’t much on the social service system in this state in the aftermath of Jeremiah Oliver of Fitchburg who went missing.   Question: The fact that the social work system is under appreciated is overworked, underpaid and not appreciated for what they do in this state is not breaking news. Did the state drop the ball when it failed to make changes years ago? Just asking. One of those questions I won’t get an answer to.

Just sitting here wondering how many people have come back from skiing vacations in Canada or Colorado or wherever they ski out of the region and have proclaimed something along the line of “Gee its so cold here? Ahhh you just went skiing how cold do you think it gets? Just asking?

I am often bewildered by the number of people, mainly new people running for political office who are shy around the media or in the alternative proclaim that they can’t possibly get their message across because everyone has the medias ear. Not wanting to speak for the rest of the media—I would never pretend to do that—although I should. But, there is this thing about that the media for newbies is unapproachable. So, Marketing 101 Class is now in session. Don’t assume anything. If you have something for the media…pick up the phone and call someone…or email someone and make your case. If you make a compelling case that what you have is good then I will use it. If it’s not then it won’t be used. If it’s not try again. But don’t assume.   And, while I’m at it…make your pitch short. If I ask you a question that requires a “yes or no answer” don’t give me a 35 minute answer.

G-Pat and POTUS have their addresses to the nation and to the state tonight. 7-30 for the Governor’s Address. State of the Union at 9. Both addresses will be on NewsRadio 560 WHYN beginning at about 7-30. That’s a pretty soft time. Few minutes either way.

 Saddened to see that Pete Seeger—legendary folksinger died at the age of 94. I turned up some music to do under some of the stories. When I did the run through for timing I found myself moved by the fact that when he died he was surrounded by family that held hands and sang some of his songs. Many, many moons ago in Northampton Days. He would show up sometimes for rallies. Peter Yarrows was a frequent visitor to Amherst and Hamp. Approachable, real and giving would be the best three words I got for you.  (btw big thanks to the Fox News Digital Dept for Seeger pic).

Anyway that’s it for now. Shorty day for me. After the show and my news commitment I head home for some relaxation and then back here for the speeches tonight. Have a good day everyone.