Good Morning.  Running late but, well you know.

Few items strike me this morning.  Good to see the program at the Hall of Fame last night with Mercy Medical Center.  They did a Cancer Survivorship thing for lack of a better word.  One of the people presenting was Dr Jay Burton.  Good guy.  He was part of my medical team back in the old days and got me ready for many a sports season.  In a day when we hear about Obamacare and DRGs etc, you could ask him any question and he would give you an answer you could understand.  And, he beat leukemia too.  One of the good ones. 

The other thing I note with some degree of sadness is that Diana Perez is leaving the overnight shift at World News Now on ABC.  She and John Muller did the overnight news show and had lots of fun doing it.  They kept me entertained through the overnight till it was my turn.  It doesn’t hurt that she worked in Connecticut.  Channel 30 fame.  She is going to spend time with the kids.  She just had her second child.  Husband took up the slack as she worked and now she is going to stay home for awhile.  Always loved her.

OK so I won’t explain how I got to this point but I have now concluded that there is no difference between a bread baker and a politician.  So long as the baker has the barest of ingredients---flour, water, yeast and a little salt---so long as he kneads properly he will have a masterpiece.  Unfortunately for the politician, they have the barest of ingredients---that is ideas and they knead like a bat out of hell and come out with some half baked thing that lacks flavor.

If your head is not ready to burst right now—then just a note to the pols….I am now to the point of begging….pretend it is school.  Math class.   Equation-  Good Idea….How Does it Work?  What will it do?  First in with that successful equation wins.

Other than that---nothing on my mind this morning.