Good Morning.

Quiet night.  That should not be breaking news but yesterday it was trust me on that.  Just the two murders and there are no arrest.  Nice little break in period for the new police commissioner.  John Barbieri has his ceremonial swearing in today.  He of course has been on the job in his new post for several days.  We wish him luck.  He will certainly need it.  The general question is ---‘is there any answer to the spiking crime numbers.”  Let me answer that.  Nope.  You would think that jobs would be the answer but I’m not sure that works either.  It all comes down to drugs and guns.

The truce continues between the news department and the engineering department here.  The engineer who graciously did some work on my systems blurted out “ohhh you do have a problem here.”  No I made it up so I could be miserable.  Good work Chris.

I am mildly amused by the announcement out of Hartford that they are building the New Britain Rock Cats a new stadium.  60 million.  For those of you remember Hartford in the old days, around Fox’s.  Now I do know a bit about this type of stuff and let me advance this—if you are using the model that the Hartford Whalers drew people and were an economic success- I don’t think you can get there from here.  First, these players are not the millionaires of the NHL.  They aren’t going to buy homes, frequent the eateries and the like.  Further remember the insurance companies in Hartford stood on their heads to keep the Whalers viable.  I don’t know if they will be that way this time out.  And, you take a bunch of high profile property off the tax list.  It’s a gamble.  I wish them luck. 

There is another flap out of Holyoke we will detail for you.  And guess what- it involves the a city councilor and the mayor.  Wait till you hear this one.

And, ahhhh we are going to have a Deval Patrick sighting today.  He is back from his trade mission.  I will have to do a search through my pix to see if I can see what he looks like.

That’s a wrap.  See you in a bit.