I have a lot to say. I know stunning. I am saddened by the Back Bay Boston fire story in which two brave men voluntarily ran into a buring building and didn't make it out. It happens. They knew the dangers. But somehow that doesn't make it any easier to accept. It appears that it is going to be an accidental fire.

I am far from the chief cheerleader of the city of Springfield. I don’t get paid nearly enough to do what I do plus do that. But, I have been around. I don’t get involved with the emotions of a story or the politics or the back story. I am only interested in results and bottom lines. So when word comes through Thursday that Springfield has lost another entity, I looked at the group I was with and replied "really---another one?"

I don’t get it. I don’t get that people don’t get that sports is not all fun and games. It is serious business ruled by the bottom line. The bottom line is made up of support for a franchise. I can’t tell you the number of times I have sat with people trying to do deals to save franchises ---to create franchises or to promote franchises wondering if when they commit their money, would the people put up their’s in the form of a ticket. Sadly, one should not wonder if the city we are talking about is Springfield.

But it’s only a basketball team. Yep. Only a basketball team. But it is the poster child for what this city and area has meant. We lost the New England Blizzard twice. We had Jen Rizzotti and the rest of the UConn women’s team here and couldn’t make it work. We lost the Div 2 NCAA Tourney Twice. The Tip off Classic twice. The MAAC Tournament most recently and now the Springfield Armor. All good products. All good people. All unable to make it work. Sometimes the issues were not theirs.

And, someday I may tell the story of sitting with Bruce Landon in Glens Falls New York as the then Springfield Indians were trying to stay alive in the playoffs, Bruce trying to keep hockey alive in the city, something that he thankfully was able to do.

So, ok. We lost another team. There will be others. I hope. And, when they come in there will be lots of excitement. The only question is ---will the excitement of the words match the excitement of the turnstiles? And if you are a naysayer….that’s fine. I get it. I understand that not everyone is a sports fan. But, I also understand that if you want to talk about all the negativity and failures of the city-at least satisfy my needs and play with me. Tell me what we can do to stop the trend.

Welcome back Diana Perez to the ABC overnight show. The CT peeps will recognize her as being in the Hartford market for awhile. She had her second baby in January. She looks great. Thanks to ABC News for help with the pic this morning.

The leads today are the same across the board. The Boston Fire. The Secondary in Springfield is the Pelletier case. Marc Lombardo the state rep speaks out. In Worcester the second lead is Ed Augustus is going back to Holy Cross and doesn't want to be the Worcester City Manager.

That’s all. I got nothing else.