Good Morning. 

I should have gone back to bed when it took me 35 minutes to make the 12 minute trip from my home to the station.  This is because they seem to be changing the signs on the highway.  This way we can ignore a bigger sign that tells us what the speed limit is.

A lot of people know of my affection for the late John Deegan.  I did not know him well.  He was always cordial and giving of his time.  But I am one to tell anyone before I use the line that I am stealing the line.  When things piled up he would say in his usually booming voice “My Name is JOHN not JESUS.”  In speaking engagements I have been known to expound a little bit more.  But since the hour is late, the Bishop is retiring and he knows where to find me and I couldn’t exactly explain have of what happened—let’s just say it’s been entertaining.  Yep.  Let’s go with entertaining.

Leads this morning.  Westover cuts are still the lead ---followed very closely by the MGM mitigation announcement and then the federal judge who ruled about a political sign.  And we will update what is going on with the Department of Families and Children.  The two top people in the House and Senate are weighing in on the department which has seen two kids die in the last couple of weeks.

Let’s leave it at that.