I’m always entertained by the experts. Some are very good and they are always on my "go to" list. Others I look at after they answer a question wondering what planet they are referring to. Now admittedly the economy and Wall Street are the only two things in the world where you can take a guy off the street and he could talk about the economy and be considered an expert. Such is the way it is.

It is a complicated thing. I get it. But listening to an economist talk these days is absolutely painful. They will tell you the text book definition of what "inflation" is. Your eyes will glaze over as you hear the words "there really is no significant inflation out there." That’s nice for them to say and they may be academically correct. However head down to the grocery store or head to the gas station and then come tell me about whether there is inflation or not.

Have you seen the price of a gallon of milk. See any good produce for the price you have to pay? Probably not.

There is the clinical side of all this and then there are those of us who are playing in the real world. Think we have inflation? Think that 4 dollar gas isn’t inflated? Think a gallon of milk isn’t the victim of inflation as well?

Of course we have inflation. We have a lot of stuff that we are all dealing with but no one wants to seem to admit.

The other item on my mind deals with the Clippers Story. You know the deal. I will have the reax coming up in news. But, what exactly are you supposed to say about a man who made an incredibly stupid remark. I think the NBA did it right. Doc Rivers did it right. So what else can one say.