There was no photo finish here.  The State Legislature, working later than it had anticipated for a Thursday – passed in a couple of hours what has come to be known as the skirt bill.  That was done in two hours –more or less and provided a mechanism to prohibit the taking of pictures up the skirts of women, children or for that matter men as well.  The whole world spent most of the day congratulating state law makers and rightly so, for taking such quick action.  And, I agree.  But, what went widely unreported by most, there may have been a few, was that there has been at least a couple of bills that deal with the issue that have been about the judiciary committee that would have taken care of most of this issue.  It is the brainchild back in 2011 of State Rep Paul Brodeur of Melrose.  That bill since then has been before that same committee.  So here is another case that the legislature have most of the tools in front of them and no one can still get the job done.  While the state legislature did it right, and should be congratulated, what is most interesting is what the Judiciary Committee is doing that is more important that this issue.  Oh well.  I had better things to do yesterday than answer everyone’s question about “upskirting”. 

I did not do a very good job of selling the city Thursday.  Not that it is in my contract but when all the tournaments come in and people ask where they should go and what they should do , I do like to have a good answer.  I started with the obligatory –“why yes there is the Basketball Hall of Fame.”  “Been there.”  OK---ah how about the museum…the Seuss exhibit is always good.  “Been to the museum.”  I did then came up with the best answer I could come up with.  “Well, then there is always the remote and catching up on your sleep.”  He looked at me—and smiled.  I wondered what else is there to do that is not drinking and eating oriented.

The leads this morning.  All across the board – it’s the skirt story.  The co-lead in Worcester is the minimum wage.  In Springfield the other lead is medical marijuana.  Later today a little sleep and then I pull the night shift at the MAAC Tournament.  That’s the event going on at the Mass Mutual Center that will not be here next year.  Yes that was a bit flip.  Other than that---one small item that I wish to convey to all media types…. THERE IS NO “S” in Daylight Saving Time.  It’s small.  It really doesn’t make a difference.  But it irritates me.  So for the rest of the world we miss an hour of sleep.  Turn the clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed Saturday night.  See you later.