Good Morning. Somehow that sounds pretty trite considering what the week has been like. Its a week we should all try to forget yet always remember. Its a week where firefighters, often times forgotten or taken for granted are heralded for what they do. Its a matter of human nature, but one that we all wish were different. As is the case in these types of situations, we turn to the religious community. Sean Cardinal O'Malley visited the Boston Firehouse where the two fallen heroes called home and offered some remarks. Somehow words are empty but that's all I have to offer.

Different Topic: I was trying to remember if I ever knew another Director of the American Red Cross in Springfield besides Rick Lee. And, there was back in the late 70s and early 80s. I just don't remember who that is. Lee, for 29 years leading the Red Cross will retire in August this year. And, I don't remember having a whole lot of intense stuff with him...oh there was the usual stuff, the fire...the draught ... the storm whatever...Rick was always there available. It wasn't until September 11th, 2001 that I started working more intensely with him. It was a few minutes after that fateful day's events were set in motion that I and a few others hit the streets of downtown Springfield -- using an old fire boot to raise funds for the relief effort in New York and in Washington. That day more than any other showed both the amazing generosity of people and the worst of the human mind. Rick will be missed. When he says the next director must know the community and the people and let them be -- Rick knows that this area is special. Somehow we have to break in a new guy. I am sure they will be quickly told that they will have some amazingly large shoes to fill.

The Leads: It doesn't take too much to consider that the fire is still the lead. This will probably be the last day that the fire will be a tier one story. The next big thing will be the services and that will be more emotion that this state may be able to bear. Colon Powell gets the B lead in Worcester. The FMs get The Blarney Blowout conclave. Springfield gets
And- a little bit later on the Morning Show Mark Lombardo the State Rep who is really the only guy talking about Justina Pelletier...he will join us after my heads at 7-15.

That's all. We carry on.