Good Morning. Yes I am a little late this morning. Me being late is most often directly connected to the fact that I am on time. For example I was on time this morning, when I went out for my break around 3-50A to get something to drink, then standing in the line waiting for the guy in front of me to try to figure out what his pin number was.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks with their super win over Denver last night. Amazingly and predictably the phone rang a total of 12 times and the game was barely a minute open. For the four alleged friends who called to tell me the Super Bowl was on and was I watching it---thanks for calling. I would have never figured out that the game was going to be on. It was a surprise to me. Jeez. Tp the rest upon review on the Namath episode, it was not Broadway Joe who screwed up the coin toss. It was Terry McAuley. It happens. He broke the number one rule of the coin toss in such ceremonies. You never hand over the coin to anyone until you are ready to have it tossed. Terry forgot to get the options from the captains. It happens. Get over it. In the end, it’s pretty sad that Joe’s fur is more talked about then the commercials or the game itself. THANKS TO FOXSports and FOX News for freeze frame.

I am proclaiming victory. I am bolstered this morning by what I heard from a political candidate. Martha Coakley was in western Mass for the second weekend in a row. She said something that gives me great hope for the Governor’s race. She said that the campaign (and I paraphrase) comes down to who has the best idea. This is a big win here. It means that I have a half a chance and doing some exploring during the campaign. I have what 5 Dems…2 Rep and 2 Independents. That is 9 ideas that we might get. Of course it also means we may not get any. We shall see.

Watch the Rintala Murder case today. The Jury is deadlocked. The Judge sent the jury home to think this weekend to consider the case. We will find out if the Judge will issue the Allen Charge today. That is a charge the judge takes great care in giving. It is often called “The Hammer” or “The Dynamite” charge. Most media will tell you that it says that the jury should try again and keep debating. That is a pretty benign statement. What it says is that the minority in the case—that is the side that has the fewest votes should go back and reconsider its position. Now I think you can see the problem here. Does the minority side say “we are right” or do they say “we are wrong”. It is quite a conundrum.

If you run into Mike Skurko wish him a Happy Birthday. And then ask him why we have to deal with 6-10 inches of snow on Wednesday. It is still a little iffy on the exact amount but start there and see which way it goes.

Other than that – on the WHYN Morning Show Hal Etkin is running for DA in Hampden County. He will join us and we will figure out what he is all about. And, Tom Ashe the Springfield City Council is going to talk about the City Council meeting tonight that will deal with Pawn Shops. So have a good day --- and let’s keep it safe.