Good Morning.

Meaning no disrespect to those who put themselves out there and run for political office—have any of you noticed that you are talking about the same things?  You all want more money for public safety and education and you want to create more jobs for people.

However, can you come up with something better?  Can you come up with an idea that we might use to make people better?  I know, there isn’t anything out there.  Here, let me help.

Instead of throwing money at the same old thing in Education today, can’t we come up with some cash to teach kids, at the youngest age we can RESPECT?  Might that be the key to people not killing, robbing, raping and creating havoc on people?

The parents don’t teach it anymore.  We are all scared about abuse.  And, that is good.  But there comes a time when RESPECT has got to be acknowledged.   For example, there was at time or two as a child that I might have ahhh talked back to an adult in the neighborhood, or maybe pulled a pony tail a bit too hard.  Instead of ignoring it ---there was the famed punishment.  No need to spank in the old days.  Talk back to an adult there was the old hot pepper on the tongue.  That will prevent you from ever talking back to anyone again I assure you.  It worked with me.  I don’t take hostages or create chaos.  Although there was a time yesterday that both those reactions were in danger.

So can’t we come up with a program to teach respect at all levels.  Instead of Common Core and MCAS and the alphabet soup that we have in education, can’t we have some common sense?  Isn’t it worth a try?

I’m out of here for a some time off.  Steve Forni is coming in to fill in for me.  So have a good holiday and stay safe.