Good Morning.  Has this week been crazy already?  People have asked me what I thought the solution is to dealing with the Blarney Blowout.  I have covered a good number of parties and blowouts throughout the decades.  OK – so let’s try something out of the box.  First, let’s install a one per cent Blowout Tax as part of the tuition.  Now I understand this will have a lifespan of the length of a raindrop in hell, but – why not?  One per cent on 15 grand for an instate student…out of state students are like 38 grand or so when you figure everything out.  Think the parents might have a say as to how their kids behave on the road?  Secondly, someone has got to call whoever the heck is going to be the Governor is going to be next year and tell them we want the National Guard out and State Police.  Some kids playing with the local cops I do not think are that crazy to mess with the state guys.  Just a thought.  Like it.  Don’t like it.  But, if you don’t like it—what do you suggest.  And, here is something for you --- it looks like 21 of the students arrested are UMass people.  That’s all.

I would solve other issues right now but that’s all you get.  One a day.  Just like the vitamin.  

Leads this morning.  LOL.  In Worcester – among the leads is the Marathon Security.  Also there is a crazy story there that I am going to have to bother someone at the fire department with….and that is do fire departments pay for the water they use in fires.  In Spencer the fire department there is getting a 4 thousand dollar bill.

On the FMs—gee what do you think.  If you said the 50 degree weather we are going to have today you would be wrong.  If you said the fallout from the blowout you would be right.  Other than that…I have some thoughts on the MAAC Tournament but I will save those for later in the week.

Oh yea – and Nick Morganelli who has made me miserable most days this winter made me happy.  This storm we are getting is mostly a rain event.  All together now ---Thank you Nick.  See you in a bit.