Good Morning.  Hope everyone is well.

I was told this morning that I seemed to be in a cranky mood.  It must be true.  The woman in the coffee shop is never wrong.  So what is to follow is not my fault.

The Governor says that the fed is not going to use either Westover or Joint Base Edwards on the Cape for illegal immigrant kids coming over the southern border.  So ends a massive fight between the communities involved and the Governor over the issue.  The Governor says he is deeply moved by the support his proposal garnered.  That’s what he says.  I would be bolstered than instead of short term bandages that we find long term solutions to the real issues of the day.

Just sitting here wondering what it would be like to be a parent of a UMass student.  The latest Princeton Review survey finds that the college has the second best food in the country but is among the least efficient when it comes to professors making themselves available to students.  Well at least they will be well fed while they wait for Professor Jones to deal with an issue.

Word in another survey that Chicopee and Agawam are among the most boring communities in the state.  A lot of people have been defending the two communities as being good places to live.  That is not the story.  Boring in my world is good.  I can get quite excited about being bored.

The former DA Bill Bennett is going to make some endorsement announcement today.  That’s nice.  My policy is not to do endorsement announcements.  If you do one you have to do them all and quite frankly they amount to the same three lines.  I do make an exception when the guy endorsing is The President of the United States but that would be a game time decision.

Just sitting here wondering what it is like to be a cop in Worcester.  These numbers are going to be a bit off.  But they have handled about 24 overdose cases in the last week or so and are dealing with eight dead bodies.  Three Monday.  Three Tuesday.   Just wondering what the end game is?  Understand I don’t have an answer.

And the Governor of the Commonwealth yes Governor Patrick is at it again with his office.  Go back in time when he changed the curtains in his office at some grandiose price tag and he brought the state to  a standstill.  Well today he is going to sign some bills in his newly refurbished and designed office.  I don’t know if he realizes it but he can’t stay past the end of December.  Hope the new renter of the office likes it.

And the people at Meriam Webster—the dictionary people added a bunch of new words.  Quinzhee has been added to the dictionary.  It’s a shelter made of snow according to the advisory,  But Scrabble experts are happy since they can drop the letters and get 400 points for it.  I think that’s nice.  I prefer the simple “xi” as an easy score.  But you can only do it on triple word two ways to get you like 64.  For you UMass peeps out there waiting for your professor you will know that is the 14th letter of the greek alphabet.  And, oh btw, can I drop an “s” on quinzhee and capitalize as well.  Just asking.

See I’m not cranky.