This is not a veiled attempt to tell the world what kind of tree I am or tell you what I think about Barbra Walters.  I am usually critical of people who just pontificate and fail to come up with answers.  Go figure when we actually found a congressman that has an answer to something.  He has thrown out the challenge, sort of now the question is will there be some smart mayors to figure out that what the congressman is talking about will work for them.


True it is small.  Congressman Jim McGovern, who I have always liked.  He is one of those politicians that is actually going to answer the question the way the question needs to be answered without usually spouting off the party line.  In Worcester yesterday, they unveiled something called The Tree Initiative.  Apparently TD Bank came up with 20 grand to plant fruit trees in one residential street in Worcester. 

“Go figure,” the congressman said “we are planting trees in downtown Worcester.”  Now while most trees that have been planted in Springfield are regular leafy non edible trees, in Worcester the bank bought fruit trees.  The ideas is to plant them, harvest them and use the fruit for the people who need them.  What an idea?  We talk about inner cities not having the ability to make fresh food available to the poor.  Why not use lots that are dormant, or school land for that matter to plant a variety of fruit trees.  The harvest going to schools and local markets.  Now who among us will take up the cause and see if we can get that done in Springfield, Chicopee or Holyoke.  Just asking.


OK stuff I need to say out loud just because.  Do I really need to say this?  Do I need to see Kim Kardashien ever again?  Why do I have to watch a reality show about the Amish?  And, are you going to convince me that they are actually Amish?  And, on my way to trying to find the Canadians game on the tube last night why did I stop to watch a show about t little women yack to each other about nothing?  Someone said yes to those shows. 


Anyway, that’s it.  See you in a bit.