So here we go. Back from the great north. Well relaxed and refreshed. And, that left the building earlier this morning.

I did get some restful time. Me and my rulebooks. Avoiding personal contact with as many people, save the priest I lied to.

I believe that gets you a front row seat in Hades.

After mass the priest asked me how I liked the folk mass. Having sung and played at my share in my previous life, I told the priest "it was fantastic!" While I heard myself saying these words with a straight face, I was also hearing my insides think "what the hell were they all singing anyway? Were they auditioning for Idol?"

Having made it through the obstacle course of Sunday at one point I checked out the local farm stand and was silently laughing over the teenaged girl trying to figure out which cucumbers to buy. She showed me this thing that looked like the size of a baseball bat...wondering if this was good for the money. I told her you want to get the thinish (yes I know that's not a word) and long veggies since they contain fewer seeds. She looked at me as if I were from mars...then went to the farmer and asked him. He told her the same thing. Somehow, she believed him. What do they teach in home eck anyway?

Closer to home, I see Springfield got its water back ...the political candidates have fewer and fewer original thoughts... while in Holyoke they are still trying to figure out what to do with the Heather Egan payout story. Just me here... You don't need a city council vote--a committee report or anything else to ask the District Attorney to investigate what went on. All it takes is the City Council President to sign the letter to the DA. I'm sure my stock on the Jim Orenstein exchange just went down, but lets get this done now so we can start whomever the new DA is going to be with a clean plate. With all do respect to those in Holyoke, just another case where we talk and talk and do nothing or less than that.

In Hartford they are going to do searches of school kids who go through all those educational programs at The State Capitol. They have three metal detectors that they don't use...but they are going to search the kids---for what?--Bad apples?

And, I did have my first cup of coffee this morning - the first in more than a week. I have to tell you--I have no idea where I am. I am bouncing off the walls right now.

One last sort of serious point here, from the people who have challenged me in the Water Bucket event for ALS. I have declined all the challenges. I said that a couple of weeks ago. If I do one I have to do them all. However, I did pen a check to the UMASS Cellucci Foundation so all is well in the world. I expect to hear from one person in particular about that.

Otherwise its Monday--I'm here. Bo is away for a week and beginning next week Adam Wright rejoins us. I am looking forward to that bigtime.

See you in a bit.