Good Morning.

Happy to return to the real world. Of course I will try to put the news department back to some semblence of normality. Was it really necessary to break my chair?

I must thank the world for not trying to implode while I was away. Instead the world decided to go daffey. We know that because this morning I find myself talking about the Uxbridge Police Department warning residents not to ah ahh "poop" off any of the bridges around train tracks. It seems that people are doing that and the poor sargeant says that if people are found with their pants down then they will charge them with whatever they can think of.

Not to be outdone are the Easthampton Police who arrested a man for randomly going up and down the aisles of a supermarket randomly throwing cayenne pepper into the faces of people shopping.

While this is going on in Greenfield Police last week asked for microwave ovens to protect cell phones from being erased by suspects remotely. It seems if you put the phone in the microwave you prevent that from happening. The bags that police use to prevent that from happening cost a fortune and this is the alternative. Note to federal government...How about getting those students at MIT or RPI to create a structure to store them that won't cost an arm and a leg.

And, then there is my favorite group of people in all the world...just like all the people in front of me in line are my favoite people in the world...the Massachusetts Legislature went out of its way to pass a bill that makes volley ball the official recreational sport of the state. This is something Mike Knapik filed about 10 years ago...maybe a little less. Nice to see they accomplished something while I was gone.

Otherwise, onward!! Have a great day.