Good Morning. 

I am constantly amazed by people, usually well spoken, who find it bizarre that I would have the guts to ask politicians or whomever certain questions.  Not only are they amazed that I would ask the question one time, they are astonished that it would be asked repeatedly.  How many times did I ask the Governor in various forms “have you been fitted for a robe yet?”

The question to the Governor by some this week was whether he would endorse Hillary Clinton for President.  His answer was basically that he wasn’t going to endorse anyone.  That provided the usual follow-ups with everyone trying to figure out what the Governor meant.  And, when you say these things publically people tend to make the messenger the story.  Well guess what? The answer is the story.  The question is never the story.  What exactly did the Governor mean when he said he wouldn’t endorse anyone?  Does he still want to run for president?  Is he looking for a VP slot with someone?

There are more questions that the Governor hasn’t answered than has of recent months.  I get it.  But understand there will be continued questions.  It really won’t matter what the answer is.  Remember we had to go through Bill Weld saying publically that he was not interested in any job but Governor while we all knew that he wanted to be an ambassador.  I spent a half hour one afternoon with then Governor Mitt Romney trying to get him to tell me that he wanted to run for President.  I knew what the answer was.  And now the Governor has his turn. 

The questions won’t stop.  The answers may at some point.  But the questions won’t.

See you in a bit.