Good Morning.  Happy Monday!  Hope the week is a good one for you.  Short stuff today just because.

I don’t think that Mother Theresa is a Saint yet.  She has been beatified which is one of the last steps to Sainthood.  But, if she gets there, I think it is pretty amazing that there is video of out there of the last four saints.  Video.  Go figure.  For those who are following along at home, and I could be wrong – but I would bet on it.  Besides Pope John The 23rd and John Paul The Second, Padre Pio would be the other one where there is video of them and a contemporary of sorts.    Don’t know if that is amazing to anyone else but it is to me.

Also amazing to me is the work of the Springfield Police and doctors at Baystate Medical Center in the case of John Rosado.  He is the man who was working at the Old San Juan Bakery on Saturday when he got his arm caught in a bread breaking machine.  Police had to knock down the front door and got him out and saved his life.  He is now at BayState Medical Center where he is stable.  But we haven’t heard about whether doctors have been able to save the arm or not.

I don’t get this.  I really don’t.  A kid asks a girl out to the prom and the girl nicely says no.  Then allegedly you stab her?  Really?  Is that what the world has come to.  And, when did this become acceptable and when will it stop.  Anyone with an answer?  Any answer will do.

The L-A Clippers staged a silent protest after their owner made some remarkably bizarre remarks.  The players staged a silent protest…warming up prior to their playoff game with their search inside out.  That meant the logo was not shown.  Good for them.  They did it right.  Doc Rivers doesn’t deserve that and handled as you can imagine how he would with class.

Oh well.

That’s it.  We will carry on.