OK so this is me...some will not even blink about hearing this stuff. I don't know if that is good or bad.

I'm still working on the 20 selfies that people took with the new Bishop Mitchell Rozanski yesterday in Springfield. Not something that I am accustomed to seeing.

But we welcome him...a young man of 55 who will lead the Springfield Diocese for the next 20 years. His ties to the Hispanic community while in Baltimore and his Polish heritage will make him popular to those communities and Catholics across the board.

Again this is just me....

A naked man running down Main Street in Wilbraham trying to get into parked cars. The man not arrested. However he is being treated for use of ecstasy at Baystate Medical Center.

No - Really?

Ok--remember this is just me.

In Gardner Police say they are looking for a man --not to arrest -- but to talk to after several women report being harassed by him when they refused rides that he was offering.

Two women actually took the rides -- then ran off when the conversation in the car turned sexual in nature. They got in the car? Really?

I don't need any help with story counts. Let's not do this again.

Ok and what is this suddenly....

Another man arrested, this time in Worcester on charges that he may be connected to at least one murder in Puerto Rico. The first time this happened was in Agawam this week. Now Worcester. Who is in this state anyway?

Again, just me.

Anyway the Italians play Costa Rica at noon. Just leave a message.

Forza Italia

For those who don't know "Italian Strong".