Good Morning. Happy Tuesday. This will be the day that the world believes inside that it is Monday. That will for most of us mean that we are behind a day for the rest of the week. It is also the week where most residential pools are opened. I will have to call my expert on that one.

OK two things hit me this morning. One is the quote from the Westfield School Supt who said that the kid who for a senior prank broke into the school and coated the stairways with cooking oil did not display a great deal of common sense. You think? That kid will be in juvenile court later today. My guess is the judge does probation etc and we get rid of this case. But since it is juvenile court we don't have a chance at names.

The other one is from STCC where someone broke into building 20 and stole a mannequin. I will let you consider that for a minute more. This is what news is on the Tuesday after a holiday.

This will be the week that Bill Fitchet is going to start making his last rounds. The police commissioner is retiring at the end of the month. He will be missed although remembering that his predecessor was Ed Flynn who didn't meet a microphone he didn't like, Fitchet would have had his teeth removed rather than sometimes talk with us. I get it. John Barbieri is the new guy. He will do fine. My goal is not to talk to his spokesman though it will be always to deal with him.

Hey the Red Sox won. I know that because at the final out I thought that they thought they won the world series.

This is clean up day in the news room. It also means that instead of iced tea as I have been known to drink during the better weather, I opt for iced please. No sugar. Never understood people who put sugar in their coffee.

Anyway, go ahead take the white shoes out.