Good Morning.  Just a stream of thought that needs to be out there based on the news cycle.  All together – sit down and follow along.

The State Supreme Court, in a decision that actually makes sense since they cannot really make this up as we go along, concedes that the although creepy behavior – “upskirting” that is the practice of taking pictures up the skirts of women, is not illegal since there is nothing on the books to prohibit it.  I get it.  And, it is creepy and women have a right to be upset with it.  But, let me take this in another direction.  We have 200 lawmakers in on Beacon Hill.  There is no one on their staff keeping an eye on stuff—coming up with ideas as to ways to correct potential problems?  No one.  I needed to hear from the State Senate Prez and the Speaker of the House talking about skirts?  However, lawmakers working with break neck speed are looking to expand the bottle deposit law.  Somehow there is a way to get everything done while still being proactive rather than reactive, a concept that most in the private sector understand.

Someone asked me over coffee how I was treating Potus with the Min Wage Story.  At some point someone somewhere was going to ask.  It would be covered.  However unless he said something different then what he has said the previous four times that he said it, it would not be the lead.  More interesting was the fact that he was 20 minutes early at CCSU.  That is unheard of.

Ahh the leads.  Believe it or not there is actual a consensus.  The Reax to the SJC Skirt story.  I do take a break from that in Springfield. We have our own parade controversy in Holyoke.  It’s the same dea.  Should Gay Marchers be allowed in.   Oh ---hey while I think about it…you politicians out there….look at Marty Walsh in Boston on the parade story.  Now do you know why you don’t announce tentative deals?  Do you get it now.

MIAA with a warning to athletes.  And, the MAAC tourney the final chapter starts today.  See you in a bit.  It should be a good day.