Good Morning. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. That which I remember of it was fine. The more you read the more you know what you don't want to know. Exactly how do politicians think? Do they think? Do they have real ideas? Or do they just file legislation to get their name in the paper? US Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia says at 174 thousand dollars he is underpaid. And he is going to bring an amendment to the floor to get a raise which he hasn't had in three years. Well, he wanted the job.  He knew what it paid.   He got the job. Now do something with it. IDK. I will trade places with any congressman for a day. You do my job. I will do yours. Tell me how those updates on the morning show make it for you.  Then again, I wouldn't make a good Congressman.  I would expect things to get done.  Those that are there don't.  No one , either trusts or really believes congress can do anything. The fact that they believe that they are the keeper of the world's biggest economy is fictitious at best. All businessmen that I know simply want the congress and the legislature not to get in their way of progress --something they aren't willing to do. I don't know. 174 grand? They have to sleep in their office and work long hours. I have done the same. Get over it. But they work long hours. So do I - get over it. It is no big deal. Oh but they work so hard. Really? How's that energy bill going? How is that fracking decision coming? How is that tax reform package coming? How is that energy reform package coming? I think you catch my drift.
Morning show this morning... If you thought the news cycle was going to force me to drop suddenly the Pelletier story--forget it. Don Humason has been working behind the scenes.   He has an update.  And, that's a wrap.  Off for coffee.  See you in a bit.