Good Morning.  Hope all is well this morning and minimally your shopping for Sunday is done.  If not – you are on your own.

At some point today, you will be faced with someone in your life or out in the world that will do the following:




n  Note what the day is and wish you “Happy Good Friday.”   They will feel like they accomplished something.  Despite the fact that “Good” is in the title, this is not one of those happy observances. 

n  The man of the house will note that it is Good Friday and take the family out for dinner.  He will decide on a fish house and then wonder in amazement how long the wait is to get a table.

n  This same person is likely on Saturday to wonder why there is no Mass.  (there is never a Mass the Saturday before Easter)

n  At some point the woman of the house will ask the man of the house to pick something up at the grocery store for the Sunday dinner.  It won’t be one of those major items.  But it will be necessary.  This man will walk into the store – see the throngs of people shopping for Sunday and claim the store doesn’t have the item.

I make no promises as to how many of these things will happen.  But some of them will I bet.

There is one serious note that I will just hang out there.  There is a story in the Worcester Telegram this morning that suggests that the AHL team in that city is going to be moved.  It says the low attendance –just behind Springfield by the way in that category and the distance between the parent club and the feeder club is just too great and the San Jose Sharks will want the team closer to them.  Now, I don’t bring this up for any other reason than to suggest that this would be a good time for the city of Springfield and its fans to show some long time support for the Falcons.  Remember, with a retiring Bruce Landon there is no “chief cheerleader” for the city and the team.  Wouldn’t it be amazingly abominable for the city to have a casino, but then lose part of its history because there was a lack of support?  Just saying.

Other than that ---the question of the day is—do you prefer solid chocolate bunnies or hollow ones? 

See you in a bit.