Good Morning.

Where to start here?   The Student Prince owner Rudy Scherff announced last night that after a nearly 80 year run he was closing the legendary eatery which has been the home of many a politician and the “unwinding” spot for many a Police Chief throughout the years.  At 66 Rudy and his wife and sister haven’t made any money throughout the last several years and it was time to go.  He will be missed.  Searching for a buyer, the facility will close this weekend.  The question though is with a casino coming to town in two years, and its big name eateries coming to town, have we seen the end of locally owned businesses in Springfield?  Just asking.


I am humored by the Massachusetts Governor.  You wouldn’t think that such an important man would make me laugh.  He spoke to my favorite person in all of the world Sharman Sachetti over at Fox 25.  He claims that his administrations announcement that the state was going to pay for medically mandated sex change operations, was not part of the “Friday Dump.”   That is when a piece of news that is out there gets announced Friday afternoon at 5pm when many news departments are trying to figure out what is going on for the weekend. 


How many times have you heard the Springfield Mayor talk about the city is going to be fair to everyone—no matter their ethnicity, age, creed, etc.  The mayor did draw some fire when he spoke of Somali refugees being sent to Springfield taking advantage of city services at the expense of those that have called the city home for decades.  Is this where we are today?  We have that thing called “The Statue of Liberty” where we welcome immigrants.  But apparently not all the time.  The mayor is right when he says that it is a strain on services.  But, the federal government has got to help with finances to get that job done.   

I have a lot else on my mind.  I will stop here.  The most asked question of me yesterday was “were the firefighters cute?”  And, it got to the point where I did actually answer.  “None of them looked like Mariah so I wouldn’t know.”  Did you think that question was going to be answered in another way. 

And, hey the building is free of smoke.

See you in a bit.