Good Morning.

For those who have been following along all these years, you already know that I am very much the sum of the equation.  If you get the right answer and your method is reasonable, that is what counts.  It’s a pretty simple business equation really.  Applying it to the news cycle would make Olympic gymnasts jealous of the contortions to make it worse.

Example One.  The President in Worcester.  I get it.  By virtue of who he is, anything that he does including what he puts in his coffee is political.  But, let’s give the man a break.  He came to Worcester to do a commencement for Worcester Tech, a school where six out of every ten students comes from some degree of an underprivileged existence.  And, they call from a sad school to among the best in the world.

Yet some are not satisfied by this.  Some say it is for show, which there is a good degree of that.    But let’s not lose the translation of what POTUS said Wednesday.  He called out students and educators around the state and the nation challenging them.  He basically told them “look at what this school did…what they accomplished and how they did it.”  The blueprint is actually pretty amazing and needs to be copied first in the underperforming schools of the state and then all schools.    So let’s not mess up the message by politics.  Sum of the parts.

Example Two:  Congratulations to the Casino Commission.  Don’t ask me how they did it but they managed to make an 800 million dollar casino license almost a second tier story.  Three times this week  they have announced in some degree that they were giving MGM the casino contract for Springfield and each time the company said they would accept.  Wednesday they came up with “preparing to award the license.”  That’s nice.  After the 5AM news I will be preparing a protein shake to drink.  Friday they will make the official announcement.  Good luck to all.  Someone get back to me when you break ground.

Anyway.  The hockey season continues.  And the World Cup starts.  Italy plays Saturday.  And, I will have the phone off the hook.  OK that’s a wrap.  See you in a bit.