Good Morning.  That is an inaccurate statement.  For all the stories that we do throughout the years on domestic violence and gun violence…one wonders if the nation will ever make enough strides to make a difference.   We speak of the lead this morning where a 54 year old man from West Springfield had an argument with his wife while driving on Piper Road and shot her.  He drove her to the hospital then kept police at bay while she received treatment.  Three hours after he arrived…right around 12-30 or so this morning he ended his life.  Sad all the way around.

Amazing as that story is…comes word from Ed Markey in an event that had been scheduled a day before the West Springfield tragedy will unveil a proposal that deals with ways to reduce gun violence.  He is expected to highlight gun technology and research among other things.  Despite his best intentions any bill that goes through congress is going to get bogged down big time.  It is an election year.

Who knew?  The casino commissioners have a sense of humor.  Bruce Stebbens was speaking on the Northampton issue…they were looking to take part in millions of dollars of mitigation funding from an MGM Springfield casino.  They ultimately voted no to that.  But the sole western Mass representative on the commission told colleagues that you could go from Springfield to Northampton in about 20 minutes but that in the eastern part of the state you probably wouldn’t make it out of a neighborhood.  Steve Crosby, the chairman of the committee chimed “you wouldn’t make it out of the block”.  Stebbins then offered “or the parking garage.”  OK it’s not Late Night with Letterman but work with me here.

In the middle of all of this…computers rebooting….freezing….delaying action and otherwise being a royal pain in the neck.  This will require one of these two individuals to help me today.  At this point I don’t care which one of these two gentlemen help me.  But one of them better or ---- well never mind.  (go figure Mr Clean and The Chief Engineer both have a FaceBook page)


I had to chuckle a little bit with the announcement yesterday of Eric Lesser.  He is running for the State Senate seat that Gale Candaras is retiring from.  Tim Allen the Springfield City Councilor is also running for it.  Lesser says his campaign will be based on “ideas”.  OK so I wonder what my first question will be the next time he comes in will be.  I know.  “What’s the one idea that you are proposing that will create real change.  What does it specifically do?  How much will it cost?  And, how will we know that what you are proposing actually works”.  It’s never been answered to my standards in all the decades that I have asked the question.  We shall see.

Other than that – should be a half way ok day.  That’s all I got.  After the show I am going to take my old bones out of here and finish my driveway.  Part of that may include unburying the pipe to the oil burner.  That might make delivery a little bit easier.  See you in a bit.