Good Morning.

It has certainly been an entertaining morning.  First, I don’t understand why everyone wants to restore Moto Cross back in Southwick.  I would suggest that anyone on Memorial Avenue in West Springfield participate in that sport everyday they are on that road.  It’s not getting any better.

My computer and I had a heart to heart.  It told me that it would do anything it wanted and at anytime regardless of the keystrokes.  I told it the next time it did I would beat it relentlessly.  You know changing a password should not require major surgery.

I see that old friend—I mean, no “old friend” Tony Cignoli did a speaking engagement before the Chamber of Commerce yesterday.  He told business people that they needed to engage the political candidates and press them on the issue.  And, although I would agree with that –he did make a critical omission.  He needed to add “and sit down to decipher the answer.”  Most political people speak in another language that I often time don’t recognize.

Among the stories we are dealing with this morning the disturbing story in East Longmeadow of a 24 year old nursing home worker allegedly sexually assaulting a 69 year old woman with dementia.  He pleaded not guilty.  No we are trying to figure out if there will be other victims out there that we don’t know about.

The Worcester lead this morning is the case of a man in Milford who was in this country illegally in a jury waive trial charged with murder.  The man is accused of running a stop sign and then hitting the motorcyclist dragging him for a quarter of a mile.  Is “I didn’t understand what was going on” a defense?

Nigeria is heating up again.  Should the US send in the troops to find 300 missing teenage girls?

And, since there is a lot of bad stuff going on in the world today, “bad stuff” is a technical term you know, a picture crossed my desk from the good folks at the Forest Park Zoo which made even me say “awwwwww.”  I will have it on the FB page in a bit.

That’s enough.  I am on a second large cup of coffee.  That is either good news or bad news I haven’t figured that part out yet.  See you in a bit.