Hey there.  Good Morning.  Hope you had a great weekend.  In Connecticut it was.  You know that by now.  Final Four you know.  It is a cold, blustery early morning.  Went out for my morning brew and with the wind, the rain and the cold---it just bites throughout.

There has been no movement on the Justina Pelletier  case.  Neither Governor Patrick or Malloy have spoken.

The potholes are starting to open up again.  I have determined the mayor with the worst headache of all for potholes has got to be Ed Sullivan in Westside.  I went to catch a movie this weekend –“Bad Words”
 --aptly named—and about the 10th pothole on Rte 5 I swore I would not travel this road again until it were fixed.  Now I am starting to run out on ways to get to WS.  I have already taken Memorial off the books and now Rte 5.  The funny part to me is that everyone is turning cartwheels over the 91 project—it’s Rte 5 with the immediate need.  I would not want to be a businessman.

Random thoughts.  I kind of hope that Derek Kellogg gets the Southern Florida job.  Maybe everyone will release then what a good job he did up here.  The question is –does he want to pick up the house and leave.  I think he has a son…who is something like 5 years old.  His parents are here.  I don’t know if he picks up and starts again so soon or not.  Depends what they put on the table down south.  I am always entertained by media members who can’t figure out anything but wins and losses.  There is so much more that they don’t get.

I make my annual call to my absolute favorite Red Sox fan in the eastern part of the state.  I will explain that there is no need for the Red Sox to even take the field this year…God has already declared the Yankees the winners and there is no need to keep playing.  After saying that, I will then hope like heck that the Yankees play to a record that is something other than their  usual 2 and 10 start.

BTW note to Jason Bateman who directed the movie that he starred in…Bad Words.  You can’t put your sister in the movie?  Actually you may have done her a favor.

Finally, I note with some degree of sadness that Cpt Joe Koncas is retiring today after 37 years on the Northampton Police Department.  When I worked in Hamp many moons ago…he was just a rookie then.  Many a morning we started with a conversation.  “Anything going on?”  And then we took care of solving the problems of the day.  Those were back in the days when Danny Labato ran the police department.  Safe travels Joe.

Other than that, we move on.  Bo is out for a couple of weeks.  So we shall see what that brings us.  See you in a bit.