Good Morning.  Hope it was a good weekend…  and it will be a good week ahead.  This is what Day Five of the Olympics…I have not watched a minute of it.  For whatever reason, not an interest.  Although there is a monitor on it just in case I need to know something about it that is critical.

I went out this morning for my usual beverage – a little hungry this morning so I got a raisin bagel.  Question—aren’t there supposed to be raisins in the cinnamon raisin bagel?   Meantime, in Longmeadow tonight the School Committee is going to try to pass a budget.  Parents are up in arms over a three thousand dollar a year child fee for kindergarten.  So here is the question:  Wouldn’t you think that when you pay your taxes –that some of that money is going to go to educating your small child?  I have always looked on in horror over stories like these.  The underlying question—When you pay your taxes—what do you expect for it?

I like Christine Allenberg a lot.  She is the Law Enforcement arm of the MSPCA.  Unfortunately, I know that if I have her name in a story it is not really good.  A couple of follow ups on stories from the weekend. One is the Ludlow guy who apparently and allegedly beat his dog and left it in the woods because it went to the bathroom in his house and no one cleaned it.  The other is in Ludlow again where a man is accused of having an illegal petting zoo.

This is St Patrick’s Parade Colleen time of year.  Springfield named their Colleen Mary Miller.  She is from Longmeadow.  In Agawam, a familiar name when Kelly Theriault was tapped for the honor…her mom was also a Colleen.  Those were the two pageants that immediately come to mind.  Of course the Grand Colleen Ball is set for Holyoke on February 22nd.   At some point I will be caught on the steps of City Hall in Springfield for the annual St Patrick’s activities and I will have to interview one of the Colleens.  It’s amazing how I can ask all these political figures and whatever all these questions, yet all I can come up with for the Colleens is something like “so how has it been?”   Congratulations to all.

There is more weather headed our way.  Mr Skurko and Mr Morganelli have used the terms “Nor-easter” already.  Yep, I’m looking forward to that.  No really I am.  Was that sincere?

How many minutes do you think that it took Fox to offer Jay Leno a contract?  Understand, that people don’t watch TV the way they used to in the past- so all these late night shows aren’t the Carson Show of the past.  But there is still a market.  So Jay tends to make a lot more money somewhere.  The question is where and when.

In Connecticut, on Face the State, Dennis House almost got Governor Malloy to say the words.  He isn’t sure if he is going to run for re-election.  Translation:  Still waiting on POTUS to offer a position.  That could be interesting.

Other than that—we move on.   Someone called this “the most romantic week of the year”—Really?  Aren’t they all supposed to be that way.