Good Morning.

I felt like a bowl of pasta last night.  I took my favorite pasta pot out of the pantry and put it on the stove getting it ready to fill with water.  The phone rang and so I quickly put the pot on the stove, turned it on and took my call.  Was a member of my college football crew checking in, getting caught up on what was going on.  It was a nice conversation. 

So I got ready to put the pasta on.  Funny how the water wasn't boiling yet.  It should have by this point.   Did you know that a pot can get so hot that you can warp the bottom of it.  Did you know that you can get a pot so hot that when you put cold water in it to cool it down that the water boils instantly?

No fire departments were necessary.

Anyway, we have a some serious money issues going on in this country.  But, not the ones that you would think.  We have politicians who are serving us in our state legislatures and in Washington.  A high honor indeed.  All are making pretty good paychecks.  But, shouldn't the honor of serving be the honor of serving and not the paycheck.  Should we just not pay them and make it a volunteer position. 

This whole thing came to mind as I see that AIC honored its military class.  14 students with military backgrounds will graduate from the school.  We send them off to war to protect us and we pay them peanuts to do that.  While lawmakers seem to have an endless ability to raise funds on our dime.  And, not only do we tell the soldiers to go off to war, we leave their families behind to fend for themselves to make ends meet.  Isn't there something a bit crazy about that scenario?

Seems like the whole world is going to pot.  And, not only is it not half full -its empty.