Good Morning.  Just a bunch of random thoughts here.

It is about 10 degrees as of this writing.  I don’t care how cold it is…it hasn’t done anything to kill the stench this morning coming from somewhere---Bondi’s but if someone has got somewhere else that it might come from, I am listening.

The Governor is in Costa Rica.  I hope he is enjoying his time away.  So, how do you think that conversation with “The Mrs” is going.  “So Dianne, what if I were to run for the White House?”  Love to hear that answer.  I don’t think he goes in 2020.  I think he is aiming for VP in 2016 but I’m not going to get a straight answer on that one either.

So the State Department of Transportation was in town to tell us about the I-91 rehab.  Quarter of a billion dollars and they say it won’t be “the western Mass Big Dig.”  It will take 20 years to complete.  Twenty years?   Really 20 years?  And, it won’t be the Big Freaking Dig?  Good Luck with that.

No I am going nowhere the Cow Story.  I will bet there were fist fights in TV newsrooms between anchors saying---“you take it”… “no you do.”

And, by the way… there is etiquette at the gym.  Was caught between a woman with her lilac bath water or whatever it was…and a guy who did not have any concept about the correct spelling of the word “deodorant.”    Just saying.

Anyway, that should do it.  Hope you all have a great day.