Good Morning. We made it to Friday…although the newsroom this morning did its level best to try to insure that would not happen. I am conflicted this morning. “The Big Game” as the whole world seems to be calling all of this. Now I don’t know what to do. Ahh--- more on that later.

They are still playing bumper cars in the south. I guess all those northerners down south forgot all that they knew about driving in the winter. For us btw we are good to go for the weekend. Temps in thr 40s according to Nick which I can deal with.

I am having a small issue with some stories this morning. There is the story in Springfield where the police spokesman John Delaney who took time out of his day to inform us that a car that is running in your driveway with nobody in it could be stolen. Really?  

There is the story out of Boston that says that Registry of Motor Vehicle officials will probably raise fees because there is a 50 million dollar deficit. I guess everything is running well inside the Registry because there is no waste and no place to cut.

The Rintala Jury I would wager will come back at some point later today. That’s the state’s first same sex marriage murder case. The Corey Case in Worcester is continuing.

I see that Keith Natale over at Smith Academy got his 1000th point. Did it against Greenfield and then they had to hold off a furious comeback by Greenfield to win by 5. Good effort all the way around.

There is a story that boils down to “the bars are ordering more wings and pizza toppings because of the game Sunday.” Really? Wow. Planning.

My fave story of the day may be this one: There is a new study that finds that Russian men who down large amounts of vodka have an ``extraordinarily'' high risk of an early death. The study tracked 151,000 men in three Russian cities from 1999 to 2010 and found that those who drank three or more half-liter bottles of vodka a week had a 35 percent chance of dying before age 55. Just 1 percent of men in the U.S. die before age 55. Three or more half liters? In a week?


I am conflicted this morning. I have never felt this way before. But, the Super Bowl is troubling me. You see I don’t know which team to pick. I know this is not the top issue on everyone’s mind…but, in my world this is my stuff. So here it goes… I have now decided…



The one on the left wins. Enjoy the game and the Broncos win.