OK so I am no expert pretty much on anything.  But, know enough about a lot of stuff to form some type of decent opinion.  And, there are two things that are troubling me.  The first is Russia.  Is there anyone out there who doesn't believe that Vladimir Putin wants a return to the CCCP days of the cold war?  Is there anyone who doesn't believe that left unfettered that he will just keep going past the Ukraine.  Congressman Richard Neal on the WHYN Morning Show says that there is no appetite for an US troops to be put on the ground with the Ukraine.  But what he doesn't say is that there are a ton of treaties out there with the United States that link the US with Poland and other countries in that block.  Is there anyone who doesn't believe we will turn our backs if they are in trouble?  And, while I am at it.  Remember this is not an internal squabble between (lets localize this) between Springfield and Indian Orchard.  Ukraine is not a suburb of Russia.  Ukraine is another country all together.  Now I don't know what the answer is.  They don't pay me to solve world affairs, but what I do know is that for everyone to continue on and read the financial section or sports section of the paper is not the way to go.  In fact lets me go one step further.  It would be a great service if the Russian Affairs departments of all these colleges who are looking to put their mark on a community,...go out to the local school in the neighborhood and talk about this one.  No need to get the kids under the desk, but there is a reason for this to be a teaching moment.   Many adults are having trouble with this one.  Think the kids have any better an understanding?